SPEO’S 2019 Wallenberg Award Winner, Brad Duda

At SPEO’s 2019 Annual Opportunities Forum on February 5, 2019, Suresh Ramanathan, SPEO Chairman, presented Brad Duda with this year’s Wallenberg Award.This award is presented to a member-selected recipient at the Opportunities Forum annually.

The award recognizes a member who epitomizes the spirit of Raoul Wallenberg: “for making the lives of others better; for lifting up others because it is the right thing to do, not because the world is watching; for simply helping others because they are human beings, not because they are of a certain race”.

Thanks Brad for all you do for SPEO!






















Past recipients of the award include:

2018 – David Troianos
2017 – Danielle List
2016 – Glenda Larson
2015 – Ann Scott
2014 – Sheena (Hoover) Sundin
2013 – Herb Higginbotham
2012 – Coreen Casadei
2011 – Erica DeLattre
2010 – Colleen (Daley) Elliott
2009 – Jason Venier
2008 – Donna Chappel
2007 – Matt Sickles
2006 – Mark Poole
2005 – Im Sook
2004 – Ray Meyer