SPEO Statement on Systemic Racial Injustice

The SPEO board and membership are aware that we are living in challenging times. We take seriously the events that occurred over the last few weeks and acknowledge that we must all do our part to not look the other way or standby silently.  We stand by our mission to provide opportunities, guidance, and mentoring to minority- and women-owned engineering firms in the Pittsburgh area, enabling them to be viable, competitive, self-sustaining members of the business community. In order to continue to support the business community, we want to implement changes that will positively affect us all in the workplace and contribute to eliminating racial bias and systemic racism throughout our culture.

What can we do to unite? Together we must foster a sense of inclusion and unity; an understanding that our unique differences are what will continue to collectively grow our vibrant and thriving business communities.

What can your company do?

  • Conduct internal training programs aimed at eliminating racial bias.
  • Create a safe and inclusive environment that allows staff to feel comfortable expressing concerns.
  • Level the playing field by reviewing hiring practices, work assignments, performance evaluations, and salary decisions.
  • Develop intern and mentor programs to provide opportunities for black youth.
  • Revise marketing materials to reflect an inclusive and diverse team.
  • Join SPEO and take a seat at the table.