SPEO Elects Officers and Directors – May 2018


Elections were held at the Southwestern Pennsylvania Engineering Outreach (SPEO) annual meeting in May 2018.

Those who were re-elected as SPEO Officers are:

Chairperson:  Suresh Ramanathan, President and CEO, KORYAK
Vice-Chairperson:  Sheena Hoover, Marketing Manager, Hayes Design Group Architects
Secretary:  Dave Troianos, P.E., Engineering Director, GAI Consultants
Treasurer:  Donna Chappel, President, Advanced Integration Group

Those who were elected to the SPEO Board of Directors are:

Curt Miller, PE, BCEE, REM – Senior Project Manager, KCI Technologies
Dan Davis – Senior Environmental Program Manager, Skelly and Loy, Inc.
Herb Higginbotham, P.E. – Client Development Lead, HDR, Inc.
John Coyne – Principal, Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc.
Keith Jensen, P.E. – Senior Project Manager, AECOM
Matthew Horton, P.E. – Senior Project Manager, Technical Director, E. Holdings, Inc.

In 1995, several consulting engineering firms and government/municipal officials formed the “Pittsburgh Minority and Women Business Enterprise Engineering Initiative.” The name was later changed to the Southwestern Pennsylvania Engineering Outreach, or SPEO. This group identified the need to provide technical, marketing, and general business assistance to minority- and women-owned businesses in the Southwestern Pennsylvania region.  Part of this effort has included working with local institutions to encourage and financially support young men and women who are interested in starting a career in the engineering profession.

SPEO is a non-profit organization whose members are dedicated to mentoring local minority- and women-owned business enterprise (MBE/WBE) firms and providing networking and subconsulting opportunities to them. SPEO is committed to its mission of increasing the opportunities available to its MBE/WBE members and prospective engineering and science students.

For more information or to join SPEO, visit www.speo-pa.org or e-mail info@speo-pa.org.